Clients & Projects Summary

We are a software consulting company that design, tests and optimizes innovative high-quality software products for customer needs.


Gerry Murfitt CEO – InstaRent Global

We have been highly impressed with the work Santiago and Advance Teknologies have done for InstaRent Global, a participant in the Startup Chile program. What I most appreciated about Santiago is his honesty - Santiago, despite any circumstance, will not waiver from his integrity, and I believe this is so important particularly when projects are being contracted to third parties. Santiago also understands how to execute - I always knew I could hand over a project, and that he would follow up on every front. For these reasons Santiago and Advance Teknologies receive my highest recommendation.

PhD Sagar Sen postdoctoral Researcher - INRIA

I have worked with Santiago developing Tekio that is a dynamically adaptive computer vision system. He is really a team player and I have greatly enjoyed working with him. He is very action-oriented. His technical skills coupled with his social skills make him a welcome asset in any competitive team and he is highly regarded by his co-workers. I therefore strongly recommend Santiago as a lead software architect and developer.

Rubby Casallas Full Professor - Universidad de Los Andes

I have known Santiago since he was a student and research assistant for several different projects for the Software Construction Research Group. He was a key asset in getting different projects back on track such as the Changeset Project. He has always been a leader and hard worker. I’ve always trusted that Santiago will undertake his best efforts in getting things to work successfully.

Our Clients

Projects Summary

  • Enterprise Software implementation and performance optimization for Zurich de Occidente S.A.
  • Software design, prototype and administration for Mi Aguila S.A.S.
  • Software Design, Development and Research for Price Ignite Inc.
  • Enterprise Software design and Implementation for the Research and Development Team of the Weapons and Electronics department of the Colombian Navy
  • Implementation and testing Enterprise Software for the Business Administration and Engineer department at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
  • Team leading and design and implement of Enterprise Software for Engineering department at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.